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MustMove Vehicle Recovery System to free stuck vehicles and trucks.

MustMove® Vehicle Recovery System
Vehicle and recovery boards that are specially designed for rapid deployment and ensuring maximum tactical mobility.

Vehicle Recovery

Mats and boards designed to create traction and free vehicles stuck in otherwise unstable terrain like mud, sand, snow, and more.

Mustmove® Vehicle Recovery System (VRS) is an innovative Tire Traction Mat designed for recovering any vehicle from mud, sand, snow, or any other unstable ground condition. Using traction boards as recovery tracks (aka off-road traction mats) you can get trucks, jeeps, and any heavy vehicle unstuck from terrain pitfalls.

These portable, compact trailer skids are made of a specific polymer-coated high resistance technical textile, double-ply anti-sliding coated surface, with reinforcing composite rods and connectors, to accommodate any vehicle. The MustMove vehicle recovery system is ideal for use in a military theater.

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Anti-Stick Surface

Impermeable, mud, or sand do not stick to the mat.

Very Compact

Only 9 to 18 inches when rolled up.


Anti-sliding surface pattern.


Safer recovery operation with QS anchors.

Easy Set-Up

Starting strip for easy & quick positioning under the wheels.


NO risk of damaging tires with metallic parts, anchoring stakes


vehicle recovery system with studs, starting strip, and enhanced grip.
Vehicle Recovery System (VRS) specifications chart
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