MustMove® Vehicle Recovery System
Vehicle and recovery system specially designed for rapid deployment and ensuring maximum tactical mobility.

Mustmove® Vehicle Recovery System (VRS) is an innovative Tire Traction Mat designed for recovering any vehicle from mud, sand, snow, or any other unstable ground condition.  

Each VRS is made of a specific polymer-coated high resistance technical textile, double-ply anti-sliding coated surface, with reinforcing composite rods and connectors, to accommodate any vehicles.

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Anti-Stick Surface

Impermeable, mud, or sand do not stick to the mat.

Very Compact

Only 9 to 18 inches when rolled up.


Anti-sliding surface pattern.


Safer recovery operation with QS anchors.

Easy Set-Up

Starting strip for easy & quick positioning under the wheels.


NO risk of damaging tires with metallic parts, anchoring stakes


Vehicle Recovery System (VRS) specifications chart