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MustMove® Helipad
Helicopter landing mats (military, portable helipads) that are specifically designed for quick deployment and for creating safe a helicopter landing zone.


Highly durable, portable helicopter landing matt that is quick and easy to deploy

Mustmove® Helipads are innovative expeditionary helicopter landing mats that provide a quick installation of a safe landing zone for aircraft. Designed with easy-to-see cross-hatching, these mats allow pilots to quickly identify safe landing zones.


They support any type of helicopter and rotary-wing UAV and deliver superior protection against FOD and brownouts. They are temporary, portable runway mats used to stabilize a landing surface in unstable terrain. These landing mats are ideal for use in a military theater.

FOD Mats
Foreign Object Debris mat system

Mustmove® Helipad is made of double-ply polymer-coated antiskid rubberized material  100% impervious to sand, mud, fuel, etc.,  reinforced with composite rods, and secured with Mustmove® QS anchors, for increased overall safety and material durability. 

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  • Ultra-Compact

  • High visibility with cross markings every 16 ft

  • Perforation resistant

  • 100% impermeable to dust and mud

  • Anti-sliding surface pattern

  • Night Detection Beacons (MustMove® NDB)


  • Colors

  • Sizes

  • Markings

Higher Life Expectancy



Foldable (roll up) and light weight

Easy to Install, Remove & Clean



MustMove Helipad specifications chart
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